Deploying high performance green energy infrastructure

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Sustainable Smart Device Charging Stations. A Green Symbol for Green Minded Organizations!


Our ConnecTable™ Solar Table Charging Stations are a unique renewable energy platform in CarrierClass Green Infrastructure's Facilities Integrated solar product line. They combine exceptional off-grid solar photovoltaic technology with high powered charging capabilities to capitalize on consumer's ongoing use of mobile devices and reliance on constant connectivity.


Charge Convenience, Power During Outages, Attraction to Locations


Picnic Table

As an off-grid power resource, these commercially hardened, robust solar table charging stations provide convenient locations where a diverse group of technology dependent consumers can charge cell phones, iPads and other mobile devices while they're on-the-go, relaxing with friends, dining or where there may be limited power access. Great locations for a charge boost include:


Semi-portable, these tables can also be rapidly deployed off-grid power technology placed in locations where frequent power outages occur as a result of storms or natural disasters. Multiple tables can also be combined in an area to form a micro grid for extended grid outage endurance.


Demonstrate and Showcase a Commitment to Sustainability


The public relations value from these charging stations is tremendous for organizations that want to invest in, showcase and raise public awareness about their commitment to sustainable energy at locations that are not suitable for large scale solar structures. They also provide hands on experience with solar PV via charging a mobile device.


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ConnecTables™ by CarrierClass Green Infrastructure integrate highly engineered off-the shelf superior solar technology with architectural design that delivers a high aesthetic value. They also can be customized to fit any customer or site specific design, scale and color palette and can support corporate, institutional, and donor branded messaging. Third-party wi-fi can also be incorporated. ConnecTables™ clearly demonstrate it is truly possible to use alternative energies to minimize our impact on the earth while powering our world and remaining connected.


For more information on model types and technical specifications, please contact us to schedule a meeting 267-419-8496.


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